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Hi! I am Giovanna "Gio" Bastone. I have been enamored with everything hair related ever since I can remember, but it wasn't until my first professional salon color service back in the 9th grade that I fell in love with the hair salon. Every time I would get my hair done, I would always leave feeling so good about myself! It was such a great feeling that I wanted to be able to give that confidence to others too. I wanted to start cosmetology school right out of  high school but unfortunately that wasn't in my future plans...YET!

My parents have always been super supportive of me and my aspirations, but they really wanted me to go to college so I could have something to fall back on no matter what direction my life chose to go. After graduating from Cal State Channel Islands with a business degree in 2010, I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do career wise. I ended up getting my first "real-world" job as an administrative assistant for a local company, but after several months I decided that it just wasn't the job for me.


In early 2012 I enrolled in cosmetology school and in 2013 I got my license. Shortly after, I apprenticed at a popular salon in Ventura, where I fine-tuned my skills and talents. I have been honing my craft for several years now and I strive to continue to grow by taking many classes to provide my clients with the latest hair cutting and coloring trends to make them look and feel great!

My services would best be described as natural looking with a focus on maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. I am very detail oriented and take a lot of pride in my work, so whether you are looking for sun-kissed balayage highlights, a color that compliments your skin tone, a cut that is best for your facial features or hair extensions that look as if they were your own hair, I am your girl! 

When I'm not in the salon you can find me...

 at a concert, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, reading a book, cuddling up with my cat, catching up/binging on a TV show or spending time with my husband, family and friends.

A Few random facts about me...

  • I am somewhat of an encyclopedia of all things music, celebrity, and pop culture. Ask me the name of a song that's playing or who sings it and I will most likely know the answer!

  • I am a rare triple Virgo, which means I am VERY loyal, analytical, passionate, creative, reliable and hardworking!

  • If I weren't a hairstylist, my other dream job would be something in the music industry.

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